“AR Place Lab,” a Service to View Goods in Advance in My Hands


Is Online Shopping Without Worry of Failure Possible with Augmented Reality(AR)?



A purple chair in between two red chairs - is it real? 


In September last year, Apple launched “ARKit” as an AR platform, thereby opening a new horizon in the AR market.

As the Google’s “ARCore,” Facebook’s “Camera Effects Platform,” and other global IT companies are launching AR platforms competitively, the services using AR technology is expanding to all areas including shopping, games, and education.

In line with this trend, CJ OliveNetworks also showcased “AR Place Lab” as a mobile app service for viewing goods in advance using “ARKit.”

The app provides the service of virtually placing goods, such as furniture, interior decoration items, and electronics, in real space.

Using AR technology, one can view in advance how certain goods would harmoniously look with their surrounding interior decoration or touch the purchase button to connect online mall and immediately purchase the goods just placed virtually.

Seeing is believing! We actually executed the app as below.


The user can select the desired goods among the categories of

home decoration & bag, kitchen & electronics and characters to switch to an AR screen.



Once the plane is recognized for goods placement that looks real,

one can freely place goods at desired locations with just one touch.

Using AR Place Lab, one can view the ratio, light and shade, and the volume of goods vividly as though they were really placed.

In addition, if one clicks the “Shopping Cart” icon on the bottom right, it will provide the convenience of instantly connecting to an online mall that sells the placed products.

In an AR space, one can easily place furniture whose size is difficult to evaluate instead of measuring each item, thereby preventing in advance the inconvenience of exchanging or returning goods. Also, one can place products with the desired design and color at various angles in his or her hands without the interruption of shop assistants.

Online shopping without the worry of failure would then be possible even without visiting an off-line shop on busy days.



The DT Convergence Research Institute  of CJ OliveNetworks, which developed the AR Place Lab, plans to expand the product categories that can be placed and viewed in advance in collaboration with other subsidiary companies of CJ Group, and launch an upgraded version of the app with overall improvements in user features.

Besides, the institute plans to steadily research the AR and virtual reality(VR) fields other than AR Place Lab, and diversely and innovatively merge them with the company’s business.

AR Place Lab, for more fun and convenient shopping! Download it for free right now from the Apple App Store. (End)