CJ OliveNetworks Completes the Building of a “Warehouse Management System” for NongHyup Logis


- Applied “ELiSSONE”, an integrated logistics solution, standardizing livestock logistics to improve working efficiency
- As the first external order obtained in the field of logistics solution, it has proven the competency and excellence of CJ OliveNetworks’ smart logistics IT development
- Built logistics systems for CJ Freshway and KT Telecop, and is now attacking the smart logistics system market

[CJ OliveNetworks = July 5, 2018 (Thursday)] CJ OliveNetworks announced that it supplied its integrated logistics solution, “ELiSSONE,” to NongHyup Logis and completed the building of its Warehouse Management System (WMS).

NongHyup Logis is a third-party logistics (3PL) service company that transports agricultural and livestock products shipped from producing farms and joint markets to businesses nationwide in line with the characteristics of each product type. It has come to introduce “ELiSSONE” to efficiently manage and standardize logistics information data and solve the development limitations of the existing system.

“ELiSSONE” of CJ OliveNetworks is an integrated logistics solution that enables properly responding to the rapidly changing logistics environment. With it, 3PL response is possible that it is not only optimized to the management of numerous shippers and logistics centers, but also designed to enable building systems customized to user needs. 

It consists of largely five systems: Order Management System (OMS), Warehouse Management System (WMS), Transportation Management System (TMS), Visibility Management System (VMS), and Fleet Management System (FMS). The state of logistics management is diagnosed for each situation and the optimal logistics strategies set to support standardized processes.

CJ OliveNetworks has integrated planning, executing, analyzing, and communication modules into a single logistics platform during the development period of approximately four months. It is a platform that enables users to conveniently change the user interface (UI) according to each purpose.

In particular, it enables setting logistics strategies (*rule) and standard information characteristics (*configuration) based on standardized logistics processes. As such, it can contribute to improving the logistics management of various types of products by efficiently applying their characteristics or handling properties.

Furthermore, it built a logistics management record interface for Open Data Portal and livestock traceability websites, and introduced a management dashboard to provide management records and achievement data. It also applied mobile features, and uniformly applied an order and record interface.

NongHyup Logis expects to minimize defects thanks to the system and safe management of inventory in its logistics center. It is also expected to improve work based on upgraded logistics processes in the livestock field and enjoy other enhanced efficiencies.

“The building of this WMS was the first case of introducing ELiSSONE externally, and it is highly meaningful in that CJ OliveNetworks’ knowledge and technological competencies have been verified as being excellent at a logistics management site. CJ OliveNetworks will help NongHyup Logis provide specialized next-generation logistics services by actively using cutting-edge technological structures and a smart IT environment,” said Kim Jong-won, the head of CJ OliveNetworks’ Logistics Digital Team.

CJ OliveNetworks plans to actively advance into the logistics system market starting with this external project. It completed introducing the ELiSSONE solution to CJ Freshway Vietnam’s integrated logistics center last March and is now building an assets management system for KT Telecop. (End)

* Rule: Setting the most effective guidelines and strategies during logistics stowage or work assignment
* Configuration: The task of setting standard information to be used in logistics (e.g., whether to keep products refrigerated/frozen/at room temperature and classifying goods into clothing/livestock/medicinal products)