Futuristic Smart Store—'Future Store Lab' Built


As part of its digital consumer experience, CJ OliveNetworks built the Future Store Lab (FSL), a futuristic store concept space, on the 10th floor of its corporate headquarters. 


△ Future Store Lab


In this day and age when our society has become hyperconnected due to the emergence of smartphones, off-line stores are actively involved in the change by operating stores that utilize customer data and IoT technology to focus on customer experience.


CJ OliveNetworks offers an innovative digital store solution that enhances the customers’ shopping experience and increases the efficiency of store operation by managers through the convergence and integration of new IT technologies.


FSL consists of seven solutions that feature Interactive Signage, Electronic Shelf Label, IoT Display Shelf, Mobile POS, Information Board, VR Commerce, and Retail Image Analysis, which have been set up to enable direct experience by customers.


Interactive Signage is a solution that recommends products and promotions by analyzing the gender and age group of customers through facial recognition.


 △ Example of implementation of Interactive Signage


The Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) is an automated way of changing product prices, which is a manual task performed traditional stores. It can instantly change thousands of ESL tags. Introducing ESL makes it possible to minimize label indication errors, reduce operating costs, provide efficient response to customers through real-time inventory checks, and create opportunities for up-sales or cross-sales. Furthermore, ESL’s NFC and QR capabilities can serve as the basis for integrating online and off-line shopping experiences.



△ Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) implemented example


IoT Display Shelf helps customers make purchasing decisions by using audiovisual effects to attract their attention and displaying detailed information when they select a given product. And Mobile POS can set up a convenient payment environment regardless of location, and can also increase the efficiency of space configuration within a store.



△ IoT Display Shelf implemented example 


VR Commerce provides shopping experience at a virtually implemented store, offering an immersive experience that feels like being in a real store. 3D-based product information search and even payment is possible, thus using virtual reality to provide a differentiated shopping experience to online and offline customers. 


  △ Experiencing VR Commerce


CJ OliveNetworks expects that the implementation of FSL will be of great help in the pre-sales and ordering of its innovative distribution platform and solutions. In addition, there is a plan to continue developing FSL as an evolutionary store model that can keep making new kinds of retail service through constant technological research and designing of new service features. (End)