“2018 Zero Defects Day”, Celebrating Passion and Achievement for Zero Defects in IT Systems


▲ Rather uptight CJ OliveNetworks staff - why are they gathered here? 

On November 6, CJ OliveNetworks had a special event at its headquarters, where the executives and about 50 IT service employees gathered together. 

It was the “2018 Zero Defects Day” event to celebrate the successful operation of major IT systems this year, as well as to cheer on the hard work of the staff to this end. 

CJ OliveNetworks, which integrates and operates CJ Group’s major IT systems, has steadily pursued “Zero Defects” activities since last year for neither defects nor accidents.

Zero Defects activities involve improving processes and systems before and after launching IT services, executing tasks for IT standardization and management automation, and consequently realizing the systematic quality innovation at the level of the group. 

The protagonists of this day’s event were the staff who have spared no efforts to improve the IT service quality and practiced Zero Defects at work at all times. 

▲ The special awards were presented for the CJ OliveNetworks staff!

CEO and executives of CJ OliveNetworks gave seven awards such as ▲ Grand Prix, ▲ Excellence Award, ▲ Best Quantum Jump Award, ▲ Best Quality Assurance Officer (QAO) Award, and ▲ Special Awards (Grassroots Award, Best Modifier Award, and Nice Colleague Award). 

First, the “Best QAO Award” was endowed on the best QAO who worked excellently in the IT Service Team this year. And the “Best Quantum Jump Award” was given to the staff who improved the abidance rate of processes year-on-year the most.  

▲ Lee Min-gyu of the Online Platform Business Team who won the Best QAO Award

Then, the winner of the “2018 Zero Defects Excellence Award” was announced!

This award was endowed to staff members of the Entertainment & Media (E&M) IT Service Team who executed the “Zero Defects 2.0” task pursued this year in the most exemplary manner. They introduced Crash Reporting on mobile apps, to prevent system errors.  

▲ Choi Won-jae and Chung Yong-joon of the E&M IT Service Team who won the 
“2018 Zero Defects Excellence Award”

Who won the most anticipated “2018 Zero Defects Grand Prix” then? The “Online Platform Business Team” had the honor of winning this award. 

The team was selected as the top team that abided by processes upon a comprehensive evaluation of the number of defect occurrence, construction supervision, level of satisfaction, and follow-up measures based on the internal system standards of the company.

▲ Congratulations to the Online Platform Business Team for winning the “2018 Zero Defects Grand Prix!”

During the event, the awardees of the Grand Prix and Excellence Award personally presented their practices that led to the stable management of the group’s IT systems and shared their unique knowledge and experiences for quality innovation, which also thus became a “forum for sharing knowledge.”

The Online Platform Business Team, who won the Grand Prix, shared how they drew up a standardized “Work plan for distribution” in operating the payment gateway (PG) systems and strictly abided by it, to dramatically reduce defects and accidents in the last 2 years.  

The E&M IT Service Team, who won the Excellence Award, explained the Crash Reporting feature for the effective management of crashes of mobile apps, which had been difficult to predict, and how the application of the feature into the system actually helped them minimize defects. 

▲ The Excellence Award winning team is explaining the Crash Reporting feature 
that was applied to mobile apps.

Other than the awards related to quality innovation, special awards were prepared, which added special fun to the ceremony. These awards included the “Grassroots Award” (highest score in customer satisfaction), “Best Modifier Award” (amended programs the greatest number of times without errors), and “Nice Colleague Award” (executed the greatest number of tests with colleagues).  

Thanks to the passionate efforts and challenge for the best of the CJ OliveNetworks staff, the CJ Group’s IT systems have been successfully operated and innovated in quality in 2018. 

Let us give a big applause to express gratitude to and cheer on the protagonists of CJ OliveNetworks who will relentlessly work toward the goal of “Zero Defects” in the future as well. (The end)