2017 SW Creative Camp Festival


On June 23, the CJ OliveNetworks headquarters hosted a very meaningful event.

The “2017 SWCreative Camp Festival” was held to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of the SW Creative Camp,a notable CSR project of CJ OliveNetworks.

This event was in celebration of the efforts of the members of CJ OliveNetworks who took part inthe SW Creative Camp project (70 employee lecturers), with representatives from the Seoul City Administration, the Software Policy Research Center, and local children’s centers.

As part of theevent, an MOU was signed with the Seoul Itaewon Elementary School, marking the start of another opportunity to enhance community software training capabilities and cooperation.

Let’s take a lookat the event itself.


△ SWCreative Camp Photography Exhibition


Here, we see the members of CJ OliveNetworks visiting the Photography Exhibition before the main event. This exhibition is a record of the last three years of the SW Creative Camp project. Nearly 2,000 pictures showed the key events of the SW Creative Camp, from the launching ceremony to the appointment of lecturers, classes, and students.

Employees who took part as lecturers reminisced over the pictures of the activities they did in the Camp.


△ We Have Some ofthe Students from SW Creative Camp Here ^0^

Here are some ofthe former students of the SW Creative Camp, held last May, from multicultural homes. They are eagerly awaiting the event as well. (Go to SW May Issue)

△ We Got This under Control

The main event kicks off with a video clip that shows the history of the SW Creative Camp for the last three years.

Jin Lee from the IT Service Headquarters, a former lecturer in the SW Creative Camp, was the master behind this clip. The hall was filled with nostalgic and warm feelings as the participants reminisced on their part to bring this event to fruition. 

△ SW Creative Camp History Video Clip of Heart felt Days

The general report on the SW Creative Camp activities in 2017 was next on the agenda. The SW Creative Camp started in 2015 with a task force composed of 12 lecturers. By 2017, the number has grown to nearly 100.

Thirteen classesare planned for the year 2017, bringing the specialized software training of CJ OliveNetworks to 260 children.


△ Demonstrationof the New Module Combining Six Core Technologies

The highlight of this event was the demonstration of the New Module.

The New Module for the SW Creative Camp combines the six core technologies of CJ OliveNetworks—including IoT, AR, AI, and driverless car technologies—in a new format.

The New Module was the product of nearly six months of deliberation by our members, who even showed up for overtime on weekends and even after office hours. The New Modulere placed the former curriculum in May.

The last event of Part 1 was the signing of the MOU with Itaewon Elementary School. Through this MOU, CJ OliveNetworks has pledged to provide software training, on-site training programs, vocational training, and mentoring programs to Itaewon Elementary School.

We cannot wait to see the new faces! 


 △ Signing of an MOU between CJ OliveNetworks and Itaewon Elementary School


 △ SW CreativeCamp Festival Part 2: Free Conversation between Lecturers

Part 2 kicked of fwith the SW Creative Camp Talk to You. In this event, the lecturers from the SW Creative Camp had a meaningful conversation that centered around five topics such as their reason for applying to the SW Creative Camp, their most memorable events, and take aways from the SW Creative Camp program.

Coding is a special ability shared by most of CJ OliveNetworks’ employees. This SW Creative Camp Festival was an occasion for us to think about what we can do best and how we can share that meaningfully.

CJ OliveNetworks is committed to bringing the benefits of software training and creativity to all of our children through the SW Creative Camp. We hope for your encouragement and participation as we work to bring this goal into reality. (The End)