News about the SW Creative Camp in May 2017


There has been a growing interest in software coding education as we enter the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In particular, information technology awareness and computational thinking are required as coding education becomes mandatory in 2018.


Global Friends, a multicultural children’s basketball team, had fun at the SW Creative Camp, the leading talent donation program of CJ OliveNetworks, held at the headquarters on May 13 and 20, 2017. I will give you a glimpse of what happened during the two-day event.


Global Friends is a sports club composed of friends from China, the Philippines, Nigeria, and other countries. The event was conducted in English to help bridge the language barrier between the participants.



Q. What was the learning atmosphere in today’s class that was conducted in English?


It is difficult to understand even if the content is explained in Korean. I wasworried about whether they could catch up with my lecture in English. However,I am so happy because they actively participated in the class by raising their hands to ask questions and showing their interest in class content. (Ji-In Kim, Office of Future Growth Promotion)


They kept smiling brightly during theclass.

They raised their hands competitively to show their work at the time of presentation.




Q. Children have active reactions. Do you have any specialsecrets?


Class atmosphere depends on the characteristics of children participating in class. Ithink that the instructors’ roles are very important. I thought that I might be needing more time because there were many children who tried scratching, an education program of the SW Creative Camp, for the first time. However,children preferred practical than a theoretical class. Thus, I changed my teaching method into participatory teaching and learning. I think that was the main reason why children listened to my class more persistently.”



All employee instructors and students gathered together after class.

They had time to talk to each other about today’s lectures. Treasure, one of the children who actively participated in class, shared his thoughts.



"It’s good.Teacher teaches well and they are working hard to give us the wisdom. They are workinghard to teach us the software, now I know how to do the software.When they do thepresentation, they show people what we’ve updated. I like that." (Treasure Munachi Umekwudo)

Su-Gil Cheon,the general manager of Good Friends, said: I am glad that children had an opportunity to learn coding. Considering that they were able to attend the classes without any difficulty twice, it seems thatthey had fun learning coding. He also thanked CJ OliveNetworks.


Both the children and lecturers seemed to have spent an unforgettable time.

The SW Creative Camp of CJ OliveNetworks has discussed the activation of SW education at Seoul Itaewon Elementary School to provide more opportunities for children from multicultural families in the future.

Moreover, the middle-school level class (originally intended for elementary school students) was introduced for the first time.

CJ OliveNetworks will developchildren’s creativity and logic with a more varied curriculum.