CJ OliveNetworks provides support to the CJ Group
Web/App Service in online marketing and promotion.

Based on the CJ Group Web/App Service (planning/development and maintenance) and
the Web/App Policy (evaluation, log analysis, and accessibility), we provide various online marketing and promotion services.

WEB/APP Service


1. Web/App Development/Operation Services

We provide operation and online marketing support services for digital marketing platforms (PC Web, Mobile Web, and App) for the CJ Group as a whole.
Our expertise includes providing online planning, design, publishing, and development services for the operation of PCs/mobiles and mobile apps in the CJ Group.

2. Web/App Policy

A governance organization for web/app accessibility and evaluation in the CJ Group, we offer web/app accessibility, log analysis, search engine optimization, and other consulting services.
Our efforts help enhance the quality of the services provided by the CJ Group by providing service accessibility and level evaluation, as well as providing consulting services—such as marketing data log analysis and search engine optimization services—to create successful marketing effects for our customers.

3. Operating B2C Service Projects

We build and operate websites, brand sites, and mobile app services throughout the CJ Group.
Based on our Web/App Policy consulting capabilities—such as log analysis, search engine optimization, and web/app accessibility consultation—we offer a total solution from service analysis to build through our expert consultants. (planning, design, and development).


  • Provides build, operation, and online promotion services to more than 100 web/app items throughout the CJ Group
  • Building websites for CJ Group affiliates: CJ Group website, CJ CGV, CJ CheilJedang, CJ Foodville website, CJ Donors Camp etc.
  • Building mobile applications: B2C apps, such as CGV App; CJ ONE App; CJ CheilJedang App: CJ the Kitchen (pad and phone) and Onmart App; CJ Korea Express Delivery App’s B2E apps, such as CJ CheilJedang, CJ Foodville, and CJ Freshway; ENM E&M Div. mobile sales system and advertisement systems; and electronic payment apps

CJ CheilJedang Web site

CJ Korea Express Delivery App

CJ Group_2016 Web Award Design Innovation Grand Prize