We develop the information system necessary to achieve
management goals and improve work efficiency.

We develop a differentiated IT system to support customers’ IT-based management innovations and new business creation
based on a thorough understanding of customer businesses and the accumulated knowledge and skills of CJ OliveNetworks.

System Integration


1. Food and Food Service Business

We provide total IT solutions that can steadily and efficiently manage the whole value chain from food manufacturing to comprehensive food distribution, and restaurant and franchise store management, necessary to provide food services, so that customers can focus on their own business-oriented services and strengthen competitiveness:
Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Manufacturing and Distribution Information Management System (MDS), food services, sales, purchase, import and export, and distribution management (i-FRESH), Win-WinAgents System (Wings), and Food Service and Foodville Information Management System (FIMS).

2. Distribution Business

We develop an IT-based smart distribution service that enables consumers to get their desired products and services steadily and quickly anywhere at any time by combining various distribution channels and technical elements such as a chatbot and providing customers with a trendy and convenient shopping culture and new experiences:
Home shopping and Online shopping mall management (nTrust), Distribution Sales Management (OliveONE), POS, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Campaign Management System (CMS), and Work Force Management System (WFMS)

3. Entertainment and Media Business

We provide differentiated platforms and IT solutions with entertainment and media technical capabilities accumulated based on affiliates’ businesses in CJ Group leading culture so that the various types of media convergence services can be implemented conveniently and freely:
ENM E&M Div. integrated information system (ERP, advertising sales system, organization and operating system, and production copyright system), contents partnership management (MCN-ECO), Contents Management System (CMS), and Theater Sales Management System (SMS and CinoX)

4. Logistics Business

We provide support to allow customers to provide optimal logistics IT solutions throughout the entire supply chain from raw material procurement to the consumption of finished products based on the technologies accumulated for a long time in various logistics service sectors, such as contract logistics (CL), transportation by land and sea, international express, harbor unloading, parcel services, and forwarding, so that customers can provide the best advanced global logistics service at the lowest possible cost:
Warehouse Management System (WMS), Vehicle Allocation Management, Transportation Status, and Vehicle Control (TMS), Order Management System (OMS), and Integrated Logistics Management (LogisONE)

5. Broadcasting Business

We provide a variety of integrated media solutions such as IPTV broadcasting platforms and contents asset management based on technical knowledge and skills accumulated throughout the broadcasting infrastructure such as studio construction, production, editing, and transmission so that our customers can flexibly adopt new technologies, respond to rapidly changing media services, and ensure the competitiveness of broadcasting services:
Media Asset Management (MAM/CMS), Digital Archiving, Digital New Production (NRCS), Integrated Network Management (NI), IPTV and OTT platforms, and Broadcasting Infrastructure


Food and Food Service Business

  • CJ FoodVille: developement of the next generation ERP system (2015)
  • CJ Freshway: developement of the next generation ERP system (2016)
  • CJ CheilJedang: developement of the integrated overseas ERP system (2017)

Distribution Business

  • CJ O Shopping: developement of nTrust2.0 (2014)
  • CJ OliveYoung: developement of the next-generation system (2016)
  • CJ O Shopping: developement of the IT function and structure improvement system (2017)

Entertainment and Media (ENM) Business

  • CJ E&M: developement of the integrated ERP system (2012)
  • CJ CGV CHINA: developement of the theater sales management system (2015)
  • CJ CGV: developement of the global ERP system (2017)

Logistics Business

  • CJ Logistics: developement of the integrated logistics system (2013)
  • CJ Logistics: integration of GLS parcel services (2013)
  • CJ Logistics: advancement of the parcel service system (2014)
  • CJ Logistics: developement of a forwarding integration hub (2017)

Broadcasting Business

  • CJ O Shopping: construction of the national HD conversion system (2011)
  • CJ Hello: construction of the integrated HD transmission system (2014)
  • KBS: construction of the video archive system, stage 3 (2012), stage 5 (2014), and stage 6 (2015)
  • KBS Headquarters: construction of file-based radio production and transmission system (2015)
  • KSPO: a project for the construction of the High-Definition (HD) Digital Broadcasting System (2016)
  • Seoul Traffic Broadcasting: a project for the relocation and construction of broadcasting equipment in SangAm (2016)


  • Food&Food Service Business
    : +82-2-6252-0776
    Distribution&Logistics Business
    : +82-2-6252-0555
    ENM&Broadcasting Business
    : +82-2-6252-0554

  • Food&Food Service Business
    : hyunsang.joe@cj.net
    Distribution&Logistics Business
    : jh.kim14@cj.net
    ENM&Broadcasting Business
    : jaeeok.park@cj.net