This is a next generation smart store solution that maximizes
store management efficiency and offers differentiated customer experiences.

“ONE ORDER” utilizes mobile devices such as tablets and smart watches,
to provide smart services to consumers in all stages of contact, from customer
visit → entry into store → menu selection → order placement / payment → production → pick-up and delivery.

Smart Store Solution Image


1. Table Order

This consumer self-order solution is a tablet-based and shortens the entire ordering time. It also minimizes the workforce necessary for submitting orders, thereby enhancing management efficiency.
It supports e-Menu features which provide detailed screens for each menu and multi-language versions (KOR/ENG/CHN/JPN).
The Table Order solution is provided for both Android and Windows.

Table Order

2. ODS (Order Display System)

This tablet display-based solution delivers order details to the kitchen in real time, and one can request pick-up and delivery right after the production.
Connected to the overall ordering system such as Table Order and POS, it shortens the time it takes for overall production and delivery, as well as minimizes production errors.

ODS (Order Display System)


As a key solution developed in line with unmanned automation trends, it maximizes management efficiency and provides differentiated customer experiences.
When numerous customers come in, they can place orders using the Kiosk and minimize payment delay, as well as prevent waiting lines.

KIOSK (Order selection / Credit card payment)

4. Smart Waiting

As a customer wait management solution based on tablet and Kiosk, it provides automated unmanned solution from queue management to information provision upon customer entry.
With its customer self-wait registration, texting and SNS notification, the solution minimizes congestion at the store entrance. Furthermore, its SNS reservation confirming and pre-order features contribute to raising the turnover rate of tables inside a store.

Smart Waiting (Tablet type / Kiosk type)

5. Smart Watch

With this smart watch-based calling and answering device solution, servers can effectively respond to calls from the kitchen and customers.
The solution enables fast response to the pick-up requests and quick delivery by connecting the production part and ODS (Order Display System). When a customer calls, the solution optimally assigns tasks to the servers in order to response to the call immediately.

Smart Watch
  • To pick up from kitchen / Respond to delivery request
  • To respond to customer requests
Pick up from kitchen / Request to deliver
Table order
Customer requests (call a server, order water, etc.)


  • We provide the ONE ORDER solutions such as Table Order, ODS, and Smart Watch to restaurants operating at Incheon International Airport (Traditional Korean Dining, etc.), Cheiljemyunso, The Place and MadforGarlic.
    - ODS service has helped to check orders in real time, improve production speed by concentrating on production, and reduce the refuse rate caused by errors. - Times to call the customers for pick-up requests and the servers inside the store had been shortened by an average of five seconds to one second. - It has become no longer necessary to organize receipts 20 times per day on average, thereby increasing employees’ work commitment. - By placing high added value products up front on the Table Order, they enjoyed higher revenue overall. - By linking the Table Order and Smart Watch, the servers traffic can be reduced by about 42% to provide efficient store operation.
  • We provide the Kiosk and ODS solutions to Twosome Place, CJ Foodworld(CJ Cheiljedang Center, Yeouido IFC Mall) and the N Seoul Tower.
    - The solutions have enabled the stores to operate smoothly by helping them provide seamless services at peak hours (lunch and dinner) with a minimum workforce. - By providing differentiated customer experiences through the use of new technologies, we have supported efficient store management.