An insight into the success of your business through
SNS data collection, analysis, and visualization

Q-Finder is an information analysis solution that utilizes our Big Data distributed processing system
technology in providing a real-time analysis of SNS trends and public opinions.



1. Provision of a Social Big Data Analysis Platform, Q-Finder

We offer an insight into the success of your business through social data collection, analysis, and visualization.
Our social Big Data analysis platform, Q-Finder, is an open-source, large-scale distributed processing system. The Q-Finder platform offers text mining techniques to derive real-time trends and public opinions in the social networking context, providing optimal insights for future projects.

2. Big Data Analysis Tailored to Customer Needs

We utilize our social data analysis techniques to create an optimal solution to your Big Data analysis needs.
Our Q-Finder platform offers analysis systems catered to the needs of our customers.

3. Social Analysis Consulting

We offer expert, detailed consulting services via an integrated analysis of social data and customer information.
The Q-Finder platform integrates and refines social network data and customer data to create product curation, O2O, cross-selling, and other consulting services that focus on creating a new field of potential for our customers and their consumers.


1. Creation of New Business Values

We help create new business values for our customers.
The Q-Finder platform collects and analyzes the thoughts and related data of numerous consumers to derive new market insights, supplementing existing research schemes and helping create new business values.

2. Enhancement of Marketing Indicators

We facilitate the enhancement of marketing indicators.
The Q-Finder platform and integrated analysis support allow us to provide enhanced marketing indicators and improve the Big Data experiences of our customers.

3. Improvement of the Brand and Product Image

We bring forward improvements in the brand and product image.
The insights from our Q-Finder platform can be used to provide a better representation of the brand image and trends, facilitating effective management as well as tangible methods to fulfill the needs and impressions of our customers.


  • CJ Group Introduces the Social Big Data Analysis Platform, Q-Finder: The introduction of Q-Finder resulted in improvements across all areas of marketing and consumer analysis, providing quantitative, qualitative, and time series analysis support to the existing research schemes.
  • Building Consumer Big Data Analysis Portal within the CJ CGV Research Center: Our Social Big Data Analysis Portal, tailored to the needs of the film industry (CGV and distributors), is used as an efficient means of trend analysis and a decision-making tool in film marketing.
  • Establishing Brand Image Enhancement Strategies for Scalp Shampoo: We utilized the Q-Finder platform to analyze customer awareness and trends with regard to scalp shampoos, and made recommendations on the market positioning of each product.


  • Dumpling Marketing Strategy: Our Social Big Data analysis revealed a new trend of “home drinking,” which was factored into the new marketing strategy that succeeded in elevating the summer season sales of dumplings, formerly an off-season, above the winter peak season sales.
  • Shopping Channel Contents: Our SNS keyword analysis helped improve product sourcing as well as create new contents for product sourcing and shopping channels.
  • Food Distribution Marketing Strategy: We created a holistic marketing strategy—encompassing product concept, consumer communication, and product composition—aimed at the “camping” season via social trend analysis.
  • Event Day Marketing Strategies: Our social data analysis and comparison of trends in the Valentine’s Day and White Day seasons resulted in new marketing strategies on product collaboration and new items.

Q-Finder’s majority function

1. Mentions Analysis

  • Mention share analysis
  • Mention trend analysis
  • Mention period analysis

2. Emotional Analysis

  • Affirmation/negativity analysis
  • Emotional keyword analysis
  • Affirmation/negativity trend analysis

3. Related Terms Analysis

  • Related terms list analysis
  • Word cloud
  • Word map

4. Related Terms Trend Analysis

  • Related terms trend analysis
  • Trending/receding keywords analysis


  • Allows comparative searches
  • Period selection
  • Analysis by social channels


  • Q-Finder(2016): Q-Finder won the Grand Prize (Statistics Korea Commissioner Prize) in the Technology Solution category at the 3rd Korea Big Data Awards.

The 3rd Korea Big Data Awards Grand Prize