We offer various payment methods and
settlement system for online goods and services.

One PG , CJ OliveNetworks Payment Gateway(PG) Service, is an integrated payment solution offering a full range of payment
methods from credit cards to direct deposit, virtual accounts, mobile payment, and gift cards.

Payment Gateway Service


CJ OliveNetworks offers an unmatched stability backed by 24hour monitoring and operations personnel as well as services catered to the needs of our customers.

1. Various References

We provide payment gateway services to numerous service models (film ticket reservation, music, communications, etc.) within the CJ Group. We also have a robust portfolio of references in the PIFF/JIFF, commerce, gaming, and education industries.

2. UI Optimization

We provide an optimized and personalized UI design in line with customers’ homepage design and tone.

3. Stable Payment and Diverse Payment Cycles

The Integrated Payment System of CJ OliveNetworks offers a wide range of choices in payment cycles.

4. Proven Stability

Our PG service is backed by the stability of CJ IDC and its expertise in network and server management, as well as monitoring and response schemes in case of system errors. Our ISMS certification from the KCC testifies to the stability of our service, capable of handling up to 20 million transactions per month.

Service Composition
  1. Customer Agreement → Order / Payment request → Customer
  2. Customer Agreement → Payment approval request → PG System → Settlement → Customer Agreement
  3. PG System → Payment approval request → Payment Method Source (Card Service Provider, Mobile Service Provider, Bank) → Payment approval results → PG System
  4. Payment Method Source (Card Service Provider, Mobile Service Provider, Bank) → Charge / Storage → Customer → Payment approval results → Customer Agreement


1. Stable Payment Service

The dedicated IDC facility and dualized DBMS ensure robust stability in payment infrastructure and efficient payment services for end users.

2. Applied and Additional Services

We offer a diverse range of additional services (security module solution, cash receipt, etc.) to satisfy any demand and request from our customers.


  1. 1. Our reference portfolio includes major firms from a wide range of industries including CGV, Netmarble, Hello, ENM E&M Div., CheilJedang, and Healthcare.
  2. 2. We provide payment gateway services to six major International Film Festivals including the Busan International Film Festival(BIFF) and the Jeonju International Film Festival and various culture&art venue around the nation.