We provide open source software–related total services.

Consulting about open source adoption and migration, governance (license and security) management,
and the establishment of commercial open source conversion.

Open Source Service


1. Open Source Consulting

We provide consulting services for the adoption and migration of open source solutions and the establishment of compliance management strategies.
We collect and analyze the status of customers’ use of open sources and customer requirements to conduct consulting for the establishment of open source adoption strategies and the governance management system.

2. Open Source Establishment and Migration

We carry out projects for open source establishment and migration.
We newly establish open sources and convert the existing commercial SW into open source SW.
Conversion Process: Assessment → Strategy → Building Open Platform → Migration → Test & Optimize → Service & Monitoring

3. Open Source Technical Support

We provide technical support services in open source areas:
OS, Middleware, DB Subscription (software updates, patches, and SR support), and CarePack (installation, and failure prevention and recovery).
Scope of support: OS (Redhat and CentOS), middleware (JBoss, Tomcat, and Apache), and DB (PAS/PostgreSQL and MariaDB)

4. Open Source Governance WP

We manage open source licensing and security vulnerabilities in your company to prevent potential risks in advance.
Our governance services aim to perform the specific management according to the life cycle stages of open source software in the company and provide verification services for licensing and security to prevent potential risks.


1. Cost Saving

You can reduce costs because of the absence of license fees compared to commercial software.
You can reduce IT costs because there is no commercial software license fee when you convert your existing commercial software into open source software or establish new open source software.

2. Internalization of IT Technical Capabilities

It is easy to secure your own technical skills because of various communities and open source codes.
You can freely use and additionally perform development because source codes are disclosed. Moreover, you can secure technical support and capabilities through various technical channels such as open source communities.

3. No Vendor Dependency

You can get rid of your dependency on specific vendors.
You can secure technology independence and independently respond to the implementation of the IT system or relevant issues by lowering technological dependence of commercial software on specific vendors.


  1. 1. Conversion of wheel sorter open DB and the application of integrated monitoring solutions in CJ Logistics: CJ Logistics converted the existing Oracle DB into the open source DB (PostgreSQL) to reduce software costs. You can centrally manage the performance and status monitoring of the national system through the establishment of the open source–based integrated monitoring solution (ELK).
  2. 2. Conversion of the open DB of standard logistics solutions (ELiSS) for CJ OliveNetworks: we established the product lineup for ELiSS standard logistics solutions with a commercial DB version (Oracle) and an open DB version (PostgeSQL).
  3. 3. Establishment of the global ERP portal open DB for CJ CheilJedang: We established global ERP portal services based on MariaDB to cut costs, and obtain references to the new establishment of open sources.


  • We provide consulting services for the introduction, conversion, and standardization of open source architecture–based solutions, and the establishment of compliance management strategies.
  • We conduct technical support services for open source solutions and platforms (Subscription sales and CarePack services).
  • We convert the existing commercial software, such as U2L (Unix to Linux), W2J (Weblogic to JBoss), and O2P (Oracle to PAS), into open source software.
  • We also provide governance services to manage open source licensing issues, security vulnerabilities, and the efficient adoption and life cycles of open source software, such as the review and selection of open source solutions.

- Open Source Service Model

OpenSource Reference Stack
  • Solution/Platform : FrameOne, APOne, BatchOne, Development platform
  • Middleware/DBMS : Apache, JBoss, Tomcat, PAS/PostgreSQL, MariaDB
  • Infra/Cloud : OS, x86, Cloud Platform (PaaS, SaaS)
  • Support Tools : SVN, Hudson/Jenkins, Eclipse, Redmine, ALM etc

Open Source Service
  1. Consulting
  2. Tchnical Support
  3. Migration
  4. Governance
  5. Solution