We provide exclusive IT infrastructure services for insurance companies
and general agencies (GAs).

We integrally manage and provide various IT infrastructure resources (communication lines, PCs and others) and virtualization services offered
to GAs by insurance company on the basis of the GA-Hub center to support the optimized work environment for insurance companies and GAs.

Olive G


1. We provide services for insurance companies in alliance with GAs among domestic insurance companies (life and non-life insurance companies).

2. We comprehensively provide IT infrastructure services such as VDI services (establishment and operation of the virtual desktop environment and user access web portals), IT infrastructure services (supply and operation of common PCs, communication lines, and communication equipment), and help desk services (integrated call centers, failovers, and on-site after-sales support).


1. We provide differentiated IT services.

  • We follow the security guidelines presented by the Financial Supervisory Service.
  • You can handle insurance-related works regardless of the relevant insurance planner’s environment and type anywhere at any time.
  • You can access all insurance companies in alliance with the relevant GA with only one authorization.
  • You can handle failures easily and quickly and ask for help through the operation of the integrated help desk system.
  • We also provide high-speed security circuits only for insurance companies by GA.

2. We provide convenient user-oriented services.

  • We provide safe and convenient services to planners on the sales scene by providing the innovative IT infrastructure.
  • It is available to increase security and efficiency through the provision of the virtual desktop environment.
  • Insurance planners can use services on their own personal computers without inconvenience.
  • We can support rapid IT services when an on-site branch is newly opened, relocated, or closed.


1. Compliance with the Security Regulations of Financial Supervisory Service

Security is strengthened for all work handling processes at the on-site branches of insurance companies and GAs.

2. Reduction of IT Costs (TCO)

An insurance company can reduce the cost of on-site support such as support and management of IT equipment, whereas a GA can cut costs through the reduction of the leased office space.

3. Support for the Activation of Sales Scenes

You can significantly shorten the opening hours of the on-site branch frequently established and relocated through the services of Olive G.

4. One-Stop Failure Handling

You can shorten the time of handling failures through the operation of the integrated help desk system and the establishment of the support system for on-site dispatch in all areas.


You can easily and quickly approach the screen of the insurance company with the screen design of a planner-oriented by using a virtual reality technology the problem of the only existing physical OA circumstances.

- Designer Work Process Screen

User Environment
Thin Client Desktop screen (Virtual Consol Icon)