We deliver new customer experiences
with media convergence technology and digital services.

We provide customers with new digital media–centered experiences, such as the creation of cultural
spaces based on spatial design, media infrastructure, content, and digital services.

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1. Media Infrastructure

We provide one-stop services, from media consulting, establishment, to operation.
Our services include consultations for high-quality content planning/production/editing/transmission/distribution for CJ affiliates and media companies, the establishment of cutting-edge media infrastructure and equipment, and platform development and system operation.

2. Smart Cultural Space

From spatial planning to customer services, we realize digital customer experience trends in space.
We specialize in customizing a space, planning/developing digital services, establishing smart infrastructure, and providing operational services so that eSports, theme parks, and performance-based businesses can provide a memorable digital customer experience for their visitors.


1. Customized Media Consulting

We realize innovative processes based on a thorough understanding of the customers.
We provide customized consulting for next-generation media services based on our broad knowledge of work process innovation and the content workflow optimization of CJ ENM and broadcasting businesses.

2. Optimal Solutions Based on Various References

We offer optimal solutions based on our successful experiences with the country’s largest media companies and public organizations.
We offer customer-centric media services, such as constructing studios for CJ ENM, broadcasting companies, local governments, and private corporations. We also help establish production infrastructure, digital asset management/distribution platforms, and over-the-top (OTT) platforms.

3. Digital Customer Experiences

We upgrade digital customer experiences with the latest IT technologies.
We provide connected online-offline customer experiences through spatial planning and integrate infrastructure and building platforms with digital personalization technology, five-sense technology, and convergence technology.

  • Space Design
  • Media Technology
  • Media Contents
  • Media IT


  1. 1.CJ Group: CJ ENM Next-Gen NPS, CJ ENM Paju Content World, CJ ENM ERP, Studio Dragon ERP, CJ ENM Animation Business Department’s Production Facility, CJ THE CENTER ICT, CJ Blossom Park ICT, integrated archive for CJ ENM, a lighting system for studios A and B for CJ ENM O Shopping, integrated advert operation system for CJ Powercast
  2. 2.Broadcasters: KBS MCR UHD Transmission System, KBS DRS, KBS TV CMS, KCTV Broadcasting Infrastructure, CPBC HD Integrated System, TBS broadcasting equipment movement & installation, YTN Integrated News Information System, YTN NPS movement & installation at Sangam Center, a broadcasting system performance for KTV, a broadcasting information system for KIBF’s Arirang TV
  3. 3.Public Organizations: KOCCA DMS UHD Studio 1st/2nd, DDP Media Lighting, KOPO HD Broadcasting System, KCA Digital Content Support Center, winter contents for DDP Seoul Light of Seoul Design Foundation
  4. 4.Corporations: AMOREPACFIC Digital Studio, KTH KSHOPPING Broadcasting Center, DGB IPTV Video Broadcasting Station, BNK Video Broadcasting Center & IPTV Transmission System, digital (UHD) infrastructure for Shinhan Bank SBN Station
  5. 5.eSports: CJ ENM OGN eSports Arena, VSPN eSports Arena, broadcasting system for Gwangju E-sports Stadium
  • Production Infrastructure
  • Sports & Live
  • Media IT
  • Convergence and Integration