Process internal/external data into core assets through linking, fusing,
and refining, and offer actual business results by providing data analysis
and utilization infrastructure.

We establish a differentiated IT system to support customers’ IT-based management innovations and
new business creation based on a thorough understanding of customer businesses and the accumulated knowledge and skills of CJ OliveNetworks.

Big Data Analysis


1. Big Data Analysis Consulting and Infrastructure

We provide customer value chain innovation consulting and infrastructure services based on higher analysis, helping create new insights and business results.
We support consulting services and infrastructure designed to create and implement innovation in the value chain (product/service planning, manufacturing, logistics, marketing, sales, CS, etc.) using Big Data.

Big Data Analysis

From simple collection, comprehension, and analysis, to higher analysis such as prediction, optimization, and automation

Big Data Utilization Level / Analytics Level

  • Descriptive What happened? : [Comprehension] → DW Reporting
  • Diagnostic Why did it happen? : [Causal Analysis] → OLAP, BI
  • Predictive What will happen? : [Prediction]
  • Prescriptive What should be done? : Decision-making[Optimization] / Decision-making[Automation]

DW/BI/OLAP construction and analysis consulting references from CJ affiliates

DW/BI/OLAP Examples
Analysis Construction
  • [OliveYoung] BI/DW Construction and Enhancement
  • [Foodville] FC Headquarters Analysis System
  • [CJ Logistics] Integrated BI
  • [CJ ONE] Analysis System Enhancement
Campaign/CRM Construction
  • [CGV] CRM Enhancement
  • [CheilJedang] Onmart Campaign
Higher Analysis Consulting and Construction
  • [CheilJedang/OliveYoung] Product Demand Analysis
  • [CheilJedang] Sales Data Analysis
  • [CJ Logistics] Logistics Flow Prediction
  • [Freshway] Logistics Promotion Analysis
  • [O Shopping] Lifestyle Segment
  • [CGV] Customer/Website Analysis
  • [CJ ONE] Membership / Customer Preference Analysis
Analysis Consulting and Infrastructure Construction

Provides consulting and infrastructure support in the customer value chain to enhance competitiveness and business results

  • Distribution : Personalized product / UX recommendation and optimized marketing/price offers
  • Production : Big Data analysis–based supervision, control, and execution of the production line for an automated smart factory
  • Logisticsv : Demand prediction, scheduling optimization, predictive maintenance, and operational automation for the operation of Big Data–based intelligent logistic centers
  • E&M : Big Data–based planning, marketing optimization, personalized content curation

2. Data-Driven Integrated Marketing Services

We offer target marketing services tailored to the needs of our customers through customer lifestyle Big Data analysis.
CJ OliveNetworks offers a top-tier culture and lifestyle data archive drawn from a holistic analysis of lifestyle services from the CJ Group. Based on our extensive database, we offer a full range of data necessary for higher Big Data analysis, the creation of marketing insights, and ultimately, high-efficiency target marketing schemes. (Currently undergoing service enhancement)

High-efficiency Target Marketing

360° View for Customers →

  • Purchase
  • Media
  • Search/Advertisement
  • Location Information
  • Payment Information
  • Social/Internet

Big Data Higher Analysis
  • Classification : Creating customer characteristics through a classification engine
  • Clustering : Grouping similar customers into groups through a clustering engine
  • Prediction : Preferential contents, brands, and product prediction
  • Detection : Detecting abnormal indicators such as customer churn

Personalized Curation

  • App Push
  • SMS
  • Attract New Customer
  • Prevent Customer Churn

TPO Curation

  • Prevent Sales Decrease
  • Prevent Sales Decrease
  • SNS
  • E-mail

3. Big Data Analysis–Based Platform Services

We offer Social Analysis Platform, Big Data Analysis Infrastructure Platform, Lifestyle Data Processing and Distribution Platform, Digital Target Marketing Platform, and Digital Web/App Log Analysis Platform through cloud computing, assisting our customers in utilizing Big Data and creating business insights.

  • Our social analysis platforms provide analysis services across SNS, blogs, and other social platforms to derive market insights (Go to Q-Finder)
  • The Big Data analysis infrastructure platform is a cloud computing–based service that integrates data storage, analysis tools (algorithms and higher analysis), and visualization tools.
  • Membership DATA
  • Internal DATA
  • External DATA

  • Service :
    • Analysis Solution
    • BI/Dashboard
    • Analysis Algorithm
    • Data Service
  • Analysis :
    • Analytics : ML/Recommendation Algorithm, Statistic Modeling, Form Analysis, Ranking/Preference Extraction
    • Data Processing : Real-Time Collection, Large-Scale Process, Multi-Platform Data Combination, Text Mining, Web Crawling, Large-Scale Search
  • Storage :
    • Infra
    • Portal
    • Big Data Integrated Storage : Customer Sales, Transaction Log, Other Formal, Web/App Log, External Data, Other Informal
    • Cloud
    • AWS, Azure, etc
    • Project Pilot, Temporary Analysis
  • Lifestyle Data Processing and Distribution Platforms provide data mediation through the collection and processing of consumer lifestyle and product distribution data, and offers consumption trend indices by analyzing off-line store visit and credit card usage data.

Data Collection and Storage → Data Analysis and Refining → Integrated Service UI

Membership, SNS, Credit Card Consumption Information, Off-Line Store Visit Information → Collection Interface →

Classification - Demographics, Location of Interest, Logistics Branch, Product Information, Trading Information

Data Management and Interface

  • Online Product Sales Analysis : By Product, By Category, By Brand, By Shopping Malls
  • Online Consumption Trend Analysis : Seasonal Change, Extreme Increase/Decrease
  • Sales Analysis by Area : By Major Business Areas, By Brand
  • Consumption Analysis by Area : Purchasing Power / Amount, Changes by Issue

Data Transaction Mediation

  • Self-Analysis and Data Synchronization, Dashboard, Reporting and Analysis Consulting
  • Data Provision - WEB, API, File Down
  • Digital Target Marketing Platform maintains a full range of data on customer web, app, off-line store visit, purchase, and other lifestyle data, and assists in choosing the most optimal consumer for target marketing schemes. (Currently undergoing service enhancement)
  • Digital Web/App Log Analysis Platform collects, stores, and analyzes visitor logs to provide analysis on web/app traffic and customer movement history.

- Digital Web/App Log Analysis Platform

Digital Service (Web/App) Entrance → Customer Experience Management

  • Company A Web/App
  • Company B Web/App
  • Company C Web/App

Client Digital Log (Web/App) Integrated Analytics (Main, Large/Medium/Small Category, Product Details, Payment Page, etc.)

  • Statistics / Index Report - UV : 16,230,123 / PV : 911,230,123 / CR : 31.9%, 20.5%, 26.5%
  • UX Optimization - Click Map 68% 93% 74%
  • Customer Experience Management - Entry(→ Churn A) → Search(→ Churn B) → Purchase(→ Churn C) → Management by Churn Cause

Marketing Synchronization
E-mail, App Push, Text, Call, SNS, ...


1. Big Data Analysis Based on Clear Indicators of Achievement Goals

Provides higher analysis of operation, membership, informal (logs, social data, etc.), and other types of data to define Big Data analysis results such as product and service improvements, operation optimization, sales expansion, and new business opportunities.

2. Data-Driven High-Efficiency Target Marketing

CJ Group’s top-tier lifestyle data offer high-efficiency target marketing services.

3. Optimized Platform for New Data Needs

Provides Big Data analysis platforms optimized for customer needs (system building, rentals, SaaS, etc.) and new types of data such as real-time or informal data.


  • CJ Logistics Predictions (2015): Provided assistance toward establishing efficient scheduling of deliveries through the analysis of consumer trends, sales/transaction trend, and product/weight trend and movement prediction.
  • CJ Freshway Distribution Promotion Analysis (2016): Product shopping cart analysis yielded appeal products for consumer groups, whereas holiday season promotion planning and sales analysis allowed the total sales to double.
  • Q-Finder (2016): Won the Top Excellence Prize at the 3rd Korea Big Data Awards for a social big data analytics platform 'Q-Finder'.
  • CJ ONE's Lifelog Data Analysis (2017): Figured out age-specific preferred places, popular restaurants and supported marketing strategies by analyzing lifelog data of CJ integrated membership service, CJ ONE.
  • The 2017 Data Trading and Brokerage Pilot Project (2017): Was selected by the Ministry of Science and ICT and contributed to the activation of data trading ecosystem by developing data management system for food materials supply and consumption.
  • Grand Prix at the 4th Korea Big Data Awards (2017): Given the "Ministerial Grand Award of Socience and ICT in the Solution Field" during the 4th Korea Big Data Awards for its outstanding analysis service utilizing a big data platform that helps businesses reinforce their effectiveness.
Grand Prize at the 3rd Korea Big Data Awards.


  • Distribution: Consumer product/UX recommendation and optimized marketing offers and prices allow simultaneous improvement in customer loyalty and sales results.
  • Production: Big Data analysis–based supervision, control, and execution of the production line allows automation and the reduction of failures, ultimately improving productivity and paving the road for smart factory systems.
  • Logistics: Demand prediction, scheduling optimization, predictive maintenance, and operational automation allow the efficient establishment and optimization of Big Data–based intelligent logistic centers.