APOne is a Java-based application monitoring solution.

APOne provides real-time monitoring services on application status, response time, and
performance drops to provide a warning service on potential failures and to support system stability.



1. Dashboard

We offer an efficient layout in line with the latest trends.
Our dashboard offers an efficient layout with a concise representation of system operations, with an option to select Black & White Dual Theme on certain operating environments.

2. Real-Time Overview and Statistics

We offer a real-time data overview and analysis functionality.
Our real-time transaction and instance monitoring, system performance graph, health analysis, and response time charts allow quick and accurate analysis of customer status.

3. User Convenience

We offer additional functionalities tailored toward user convenience.
Additional functionalities—such as memory diagnosis, resource threshold warning, high-load application analysis, and response time change trends—offer significant enhancements in user convenience.

Service Structure


  • Real-time data
  • Permanent data


  • Dashboard data (real-time, update every 3 seconds)



  • List data
  • Relational Data


  • Large-scale Data


  • JVM performance measurement
  • Resource usage measurement

WAS / In-Process Agent

Java Process / In-Process Agent

Web Server / Standalone Agent

DB Server / Standalone Agent


1. Cost Reduction

We offer significant reductions in cost compared to commercial solutions.
Customers can expect significant reductions in TCO, compared to commercial solutions, and a further reduction in diagnosis costs from our prevention functionality, offering preventive analysis and removal of risks through memory and system integrity analysis.

2. Efficient Management

We offer enhanced customer satisfaction by ensuring the stability of operation environment.
Our application monitoring services facilitate enhancements in IT productivity, and the real-time monitoring of performance issues allow quick and accurate failure response processes to be set up. Our diagnosis functionality allows the preventive removal of risks, ensuring system stability and continuity for our customers.


  1. 1. CJ Logistics Delivery Tracking System: We provide monitoring services on operational stability, response speed, resource usage, and performance for the Korea Express Delivery Tracking Service.
  2. 2. CGV Global (China and Vietnam) System: Our solution is applied to CGV China and Vietnam’s theater sales and online system, providing monitoring services on headquarter POS transaction, online webpage, reservation, and real-time transaction.


  1. 1. The real-time monitoring of an application allows the monitoring and analysis of system problems such as failures or performance drops as well as preventive measures.
  2. 2. Our internal open source–based SW technology allows quick functionality and feedback update as well as cost reductions compared to other commercial APM solutions.
  3. 3. We provide support and high degrees of compatibility on most WAS and DBs including JBoss, Weblogic, Tomcat, Jeus, MariaDB, Oracle, and MS-SQL.
  4. 4. The dualization of DB (RDB and NoSQL DB) in a data collection server facilitates significant improvements in performance, while the use of FrameOne Data Grid Server (FDGS) technology allows the high-speed processing of real-time data.
The Range of APOne
  • Computer
  • Web Server : Web Server Deamon / OS
  • WAS : APM Monitoring Target - Java Application - OS
  • DB Server : DBMS Process / OS